unverified ep 3

by uv ac

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released April 29, 2017

art by tyra + sahand



all rights reserved


uv ac Powell, Wyoming

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Track Name: born slipping
if not me
it could be anybody
dripping on my lips
ur lips are on his
this is killing me quick
plz make it stop
let me go
just let my body drop
no - i am not armed
idk where to cop
if i could i 'd be gone

body turns cold
heaven calls me home
my wings they grow
out from flesh + bones
Track Name: sobredosis
you won't know
my body rots

y mueve el cuerpo
que me arde
verte tan lejo con otra mujer
no se que hacer


muevelo dale mas

i wont know
u wont know
my body rots
down i go
i will go
Track Name: sore
dont speak
i already know
i know how it goes

u leave me w no feelings
im feelng so deceived
and i am so alone
4 walls i cant escape them
they make me so scary
i bleed and im sore


its been so long
since i been able to say something
ur on airplane mode
or turned off ur phone
im not delivering
Track Name: 4
everyone lets me down
i'll let myself down too
tell me what u wanna hear
maybe it's still true
i can't feel my veins
you don't even have a clue
missing something somewhere
but i couldn't tell u who

hold me down
make me cry
then u make me realize
as time goes by
the blood will dry
now i no longer wonder why

feels so deep
cutting spaces in between
watch it as it all seeps out
nothing but soreness
i just follow orders
i never wanted for it to hurt
Track Name: cctv
cement on my face
and im feeling ok
i dont really need it
but i will receive
spread it open for u
plz pull up
make me bleed
rip me up

ya tu sabes

quiero leche
dame leche

cctv everywhere
filming me climb up these stairs
looking down
idc im not scared
flew from 50 feet
and i dropped
down there